Terms and conditions

These General Terms and Conditions of Use apply to the website www.skylock.be and to the Skylock mobile application available on both IOS and Android, properties of the company Skyforce Cyber Security SRL having its registered office at Avenue Louise, 272 at 1050 Brussels, RPM/VAT BE(0)537.550.046.

Object of the service

Skylock is a platform for the secure storage, classification and transmission of digital documents, referred to as a “digital safe”.
The platform is reserved for professional users with a business number, who accept the terms of use.
Registration on the Skylock platform gives the user access to a secure storage space (the digital safe) which allows him to upload (send), download, store, classify and share computer files. The user is responsible for the content of these files.
The stored files are encrypted using a personal and unique key. The user is the only administrator of the account he created. Skylock therefore has no visibility of the content of the files that are stored by the user. During the first registration, the user receives by e-mail a recovery key which is the only way to recover his account in the event of a problem with the Itsme identification system.
This key must therefore be kept carefully by the user.
The platform offers a document classification service by offering one or more classification trees.
The user remains free to choose one of the proposed tree structures or to classify his files as he sees fit.
The platform also offers a file transmission service to a third party. The user may choose to designate one or more successors, recipients of the files in the event of non-use of the platform for a specific period of time. It is not an obligation, it remains an option which allows the transmission, for example in the event of death.
The user will determine a period of inactivity which is the period during which the user will be supposed to connect to the least once. If the user is unavailable throughout this period and does not log in before the end of this period, despite the various reminders, the personal space of the successors will be open to them and they will be able to access it. The user will determine as successor a reminder period which is directly linked to the period of inactivity. In order to avoid making files accessible to successors when it is not necessary, reminders will be sent to the user at the chosen intervals to ask him to log in and thus reset the period of inactivity. The user can choose the interval between the reminders at his convenience, but it is advisable to provide a sufficient number of reminders.
The user remains solely responsible for the possible transmission of the files to a successor. Skylock assumes no responsibility for the transmission of documents to a successor.
Skylock does not guarantee the suitability of the digital safe for any purpose other than the secure storage of user data.
Skylock reserves the right to modify the functionalities and conditions of use of the digital safe. Changes will be communicated by e-mail with a notification period of 7 calendar days.

Hosting and maintenance of the platform.

Skylock provides secure hosting and maintenance of the platform.
Skylock allows the user to upload online to their digital safe (via a high-speed Internet connection or any other network using the IP protocol) computer files that the user has previously selected on a device with which he connects and to delete or download these files at any time.
The platform is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Skylock reserves the right to limit the content that can be stored in order to limit the risks of inappropriate or excessive use of the platform.
Skylock implements reasonable means to guarantee secure access to the platform and to protect it. against the risks of cyber attacks (intrusion, virus, hacking, etc.).
However, in the event of maintenance, Skylock may temporarily suspend total or partial access to the platform. As far as possible, these interruptions will be communicated to the user beforehand.
If the platform were to be inaccessible for reasons beyond Skylock’s control, the latter will implement all necessary means to restore the access within a reasonable time.
Skylock cannot be held liable if the transmission has been prevented or disrupted by an event beyond its control such as the alteration of the software or the computer environment of the user in due to accidents of any kind, power cut, disruption or cut in the telecommunications network, disruption of internet access, modification of the computer configuration by a third party, etc.

Registration and login to the platform.

During the first connection, the user must register to be able to activate their digital safe.
To register, you must enter your company number, first and last name, telephone number and E-mail adress.
Then the platform will ask him to connect using the Itsme application. All subsequent connections will be made through the Itsme application.
The User undertakes to provide authentic information at the time of registration and he will also ensure that his data is updated so that it remains authentic.< br>The user must have the legal capacity to bind the company for which he registers.
Skylock reserves the right to delete a registration of a user who does not have the rights to bind a number business.
Access to the platform requires the use of compatible devices (Smartphones, tablets, desktops or laptops) whose operating systems are updated regularly.

Telephone technical support

Telephone technical assistance is provided Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., excluding public holidays.
The user can call on this assistance for any problem or question that is related to the use of the digital safe platform.
Telephone conversations with hotline and customer service are recorded, which the Customer expressly accepts.

User responsibility

The user is responsible for the content he uploads to the digital safe.
He undertakes not to upload, download, store and share on the platform any file containing illegal content. He also undertakes not to load and store any file that could technically harm the platform.
Thanks to the Skylock platform, the user has the possibility of giving, to other users of his choice (his successors), access and therefore to transmit their data (files, passwords). Any abuse will be sanctioned by termination of access to the Skylock platform.

Liability of Skylock

Skylock undertakes to implement all reasonable means to secure the content stored by the user and its transmission via the platform.
Skylock reminds the Customer that no security device provides absolute protection against viruses and the intrusions.
It is therefore prudent to regularly perform backups on an external medium.
Skylock undertakes to use all its means to ensure the Customer’s services under optimal conditions, except in the event that an interruption of the service is expressly requested by a competent judicial authority.
In the event of a complaint relating to a malfunction or disaster, the Customer must inform Skylock by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 48 hours of the date on which it has had knowledge of the facts, on pain of forfeiture.
Skylock will in no way be liable for damages suffered by improper use of the platform. Skylock will in no way be responsible for the use by third parties (successors) of the files shared by the user during their transmission.
Skyforce only assumes an obligation of means and not of result.
Skylock’s liability will be limited to the amounts covered by the insurance policy taken out by Skylock, or if the insurance should not intervene, to a maximum amount of 1,000 euros.

Pricing and duration of use of the platform

The price for using the platform varies according to the duration and the storage capacity chosen.
Initially, Skylock offers free use of the platform for a period of one year and for a 1GB storage capacity.
The current rates are then displayed on the Rates page of the website.
As part of a paid subscription, the user may terminate this subscription by giving one month’s notice , served by registered mail or by e-mail with acknowledgment of receipt. Failing this, the subscription will continue by tacit agreement for successive periods of one year.
In the case of free access, Skylock always reserves the right to stop the service of the platform.
Skylock reserves the right to withdraw the offer of free use of the Digital Vault. Skylock will inform the user of its decision by giving at least three months’ notice, served by e-mail. Such a decision cannot engage the responsibility of Skylock. The User remains responsible for the recovery by downloading the content before the closing of the digital safe.

Privacy Policy

Skylock is committed to respecting the confidentiality of the personal information that is collected and to which it has access. Skylock complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of April 27, 2016. Personal data may only be used for purposes that are both legitimate and necessary (Art. 6 GDPR). Skylock invites you to read its GDPR-compliant privacy policy on its website

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