The digital safe for professionals

Your files protected and secured

Your essential data sent in the event of a life accident

Your data sorted and saved

Independents, keep the wolf from the door !


Never lose your essential files again!

Why choose us ?

Throughout your life, you are forced to manage all sorts of important documents, whether professional or private (significant customer contracts, commercial leases, banking and heritage documents, pension insurance, etc.). More and more, these documents are sent to you in electronic form. How to store securely, and above all find these files and possibly transmit them in the event of an accident or death? Like a safe installed in your home, Skylock answers these 3 questions by securing all your important documents thanks to the encryption of your data, by organizing their filing in a structured way and allowing you to transmit them to whom it may concern, always. safely in the event of an accident or death.

Skylock’s primary function is to store your valuable information in a safe place. You are the only administrator of your account. Your data is encrypted with a personal and unique key. Keep it carefully, because it is the only way to recover your account in the event of a problem with your computer equipment, in the event of a hack or complication with Itsme.

Save time and organization by automating filing!

On Skylock, you can import professional or private documents, sort them according to your wishes or using our pre-established templates to make your job easier. The proposed tree structures allow quick classification and easy access to all your documents. You will also find a password manager to help you find them if you forget them.

Make up for any unavailability or accident of life!

You have the possibility of determining one or more trusted persons who will be able to receive access to these documents, only in the event that you are no longer reachable for a long and determined period, for example in the event of death.

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